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Quiet Evening at The Bruce

The Bruce Restaurant 
700 Hespeler Road 
Cambridge, Ontario 
N3H 5L8 

Chain? No 
Dress code? No, but there are lots of business types in suits eating there 
Reservations? Can't hurt 
Price? $$ 

Hotel restaurants have a bad reputation for being expensive and less than stellar. That stigma stops here. The Bruce is located in the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre at Hespeler and the 401. It has a fresh appearance and a fresh new menu. The evening my friend and I went, it was the first day of their new menu. Sweet! 

Our server told us that the menu was new, so she might not be able to answer all of our questions without consulting the chef. I was glad that she was upfront about it, since we did stump her. We ordered the Veal Schnitzel and Fettuccini Carbonara. The lightly breaded veal was tender and cooked to perfection. The mushroom sauce was fantastic, reminded me of a marsalaMmmm. The carbonara was full of mushrooms and onions in a savoury cream sauce.  

Did I have room for dessert? No. Did I eat dessert? Of course! We ordered the Raspberry Sorbet and good old Chocolate Cake.  The sorbet was intense. It was like eating frozen, tart raspberries. Surprised my tongue wasn't raw. It was a large serving and it was worth it. The chocolate cake was alright. Seemed a cheap and too sugary.  

In the past, I've always avoided hotel restaurants, mainly because the hotel suggested it and I immediately think it's a money grab. The prices are very reasonable and it's worth it.  I feel the quality of the restaurant should match the hotel and I think they achieved this.

Now I think I'll give hotel restaurants a chance! 

Don't be scared, just go. 

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