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Lobster Disappointment

The Lobster House 
1450 Kingston Rd 
Pickering, Ontario 

Chain? No 
Dress Code? No 
Reservations? YES 
Price? $$$ 

So, if one of those group discount websites has a deal for a restaurant, I MUST BUY IT. Especially knowing how much my mom LOOOOOVES lobster, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try somewhere new! Off to the Lobster House we went. 

When we arrived, I was already worried. The sign looked cheap. Cheap is not good when you're eating seafood. The venue held 10 candlelit tables with wonderfully comfy chairs. All restaurants should have these! 

The hostess/server had lost our reservation, but remembered talking to me. Close one. We ordered drinks, my mom asked for coffee and I asked for a mangotini. We could not have these things. Coffee maker was broken and they had no more mango. Luckily, they had diet Coke and a crantini. We ordered our entrees and our server pointed us in the direction of the salad bar. There was no caesar salad and no dressing for the garden. Hmmm. This is getting weird. 

My mom's plate of Lobster Tail and Shrimp and my Seafood Linguine arrived. We had to ask for water. I thought it was just me. I don't really eat lobster, so I thought maybe it was supposed to be super salty since it comes from salt WATER. I asked my mom how her dinner was. She said it was salty too. Too salty. Grr. 

We finish our meals and head for some ice cream by the salad bar. Their shipment of ice cream didn't come in, so all they had was vanilla and bubble gum. Booooooo. 

I felt really bad for our server having to deliver THAT much bad news to customers. They did nothing to correct it either, no discount, no free dessert, nothing. 

I would not go back. It's pretty expensive and you can get the same food with less salt and less expensive at your local Red Lobster.  

I think I hear my Brita is calling, 

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