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Bravo, Bauer Kitchen!

Bauer Kitchen
187 King St S
Waterloo, Ontario

Reservations? Yes
Dress Code? Naw
Chain? No
Price? $$$

As you enter, you are greeted by a comfortable yet stylish atmosphere. The venue is completely open concept, the kitchen walls are glass. All staff are professionally uniformed and very friendly. 

A friend insisted, and I mean INSISTED, that we split the onion rings(Onion Bhaji) as an appetizer. Intrigued by her persistence, I agreed. Before reading further, you should know that I will never eat onion rings anywhere else ever again. The onion rings I experienced here have ruined me for all other onion rings. They are all inferior! As you can see by the photo, they are HUGE. Enveloped in their crispy, golden batter, these tender onion rings were irresistible. The dill sauce it comes with seals the deal. It was then, I knew I would never look at onion rings the same.

This is one of those infuriating menus that you can’t choose. When this happens, I narrow it down and let the server decide. I was indecisive. The server chose my drink and entree. I went with the Vegetable Gnocchi and added shrimp. These gnocchis were much like my grandma makes, small, doughy and impossible to finish. So heavy and so good. The roasted mushrooms coupled with the creamy tomato sauce made this dish shine.

Yet another smash hit for the Charcoal Group. I think I want them to have my babies. They never disappoint! 

Parking sucks, but it's worth it!


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