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And I Thought Moose Couldn't Cook

Moose Winooski's 
20 Heldmann Road 
Kitchener, Ontario 

Chain? Yes 
Dress Code? No 
Price? $$ 
Reservations? No 

As a habit, every time I'm home, my mother and I go out for lunch. Since she came down to see me, I had to figure out where to go. I'd heard about Moose, but never been....and certainly didn't expect to see a giant moose. 

With a moose-y pub feel, I expected your everyday moose-y pub food. Wrong. The menu was full of food that could easily thought to be seen at a more expensive place. We were freakin' starving, so we had to get an app. Wild mushroom and goat cheese quesadilla? HELL YEAH! it was delicious and a larger portion than expected for an app. Only $8! 

And here come the entrees! My mom ordered the Asian Noodle Bowl with shrimp and I had the Parmesan Pepper Linguine. Yum, yum and yum. My mom couldn't believe how many shrimp there were. I barely made it through pile of tender chicken. The quesadilla might have did us in but, I still blame the stupid, delicious garlic toast. Full and happy to have meals for the next few days, we headed back to my apartment to enjoy our food comas. 

Oh and just because I leave with leftovers 75% of the time does not mean I don't cook. I swear! 

Moose Winooski's is a chain for a reason, solid menu, good service and very consistent. Everyone I've talked to loved it and told me I should go....so, I went! The Charcoal Group never disappoints!  


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