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Oishi Maki

Oishi Maki 
131 Brock Street North 
Whitby, Ontario 

Reservations? No 
Dress Code? No 
Chain or Independent? Indy 
Price? $ 

Did you really think I could go that long without hitting a new sushi restaurant?! HA! It's strange that I drive by so many restaurants so many times without going in. I had to put a stop to that once I saw the All You Can Eat sign drawing me in. 

Located in downtown Whitby, it's bright green sign makes it easy to find. Even the interior is green! The service is on par with all AYCE restaurants, fast and efficient. Food was fresh and hot. I really enjoyed that their spicy rolls were actually spicy! Most 'spicy rolls' have very little kick to them, but these were just spicy enough to be delicious with no tears! 

Other than that, it's your standard sushi place. It fulfils all of your sushi needs! It's nice to see consistency, so if one place is busy, there are lots to choose from!!! 

If you're downtown Whitby and you get a hankering for sushi, check it out.


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