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Cambridge Does Deli

Vegetarians! Vegans! Low Carb People! Avert your eyes! This blog is full of deli sandwich goodness! You have been warned!
Deli sandwiches come in all shapes and sizes. I have a special place for them on my thighs. Instead of doing a separate blog for individual deli experiences, I've put them into one handy dandy blog for your carb enjoyment. Each meal I took home and they were all under $10!
Here is the Cambridge edition of deli delights. I love em so much, I have to separate them by city!
Victim #1 San Francesco Panini

Merry Ho Ho!

Happy Holidays Fellow Dorks!

I'm wishing you all the best over the holidays...and if you don't celebrate the holidays, I wish you the best in all of your food adventures! Enjoy what the season has to offer!

More Dorks With Forks blogs are coming up after Christmas. Lisa is moving back to Durham, so there will be more from the east side of Toronto in the new year!

Maria has been up to her eyeballs in work, so she has been slacking. Tsk tsk. Perhaps her New Year's Resolution will be to be more dorky. ;)

Take care! Don't forget to follow us!

Thanks for reading and happy eating!

Lisa & Maria

Wildcraft Welcomes You

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