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Getting my Greek on at Mediterraneo

425 University Avenue East 
Waterloo, Ontario 

Chain or Independent? Independent 
Dress code? No, but I felt my tank top and flip flops didn't cut it 
Reservations? For big groups 
Price? $$ 

From it's sunshiney exterior, this restaurant looks very casual. *facepalm* I didn't expect the elegant interior and immediately felt under dressed. It was summer and hot, so I dressed for that, but not for a nice, Greek meal at Medierraneo, that's for sure. Being new to the dining scene here in KW, you don't know if you need to dress a little better....that day, I wish I had.  

We had a group of 20 and a whole room to ourselves. We had one server, but she was very organized. Surprisingly, all of our meals arrived at the same time. Not one person complained that theirs was cold! Each plate was overflowing with Greek goodness. Since we were a chatty bunch, they gave us time to chat, knowing we would take longer to eat. I had the pork souvlaki with that sweet, sweet tzaziki sauce. Yum. A few people ordered the Chicken Bellissimo and did not speak for the whole meal, because it was so good. When asked if they enjoyed it, all I got was 'Mmmmmmm.' 

At the end of the meal, I got called into work(BOOOOOO!!) and needed my bill immediately. Easier said than done. I asked twice and then went upto the cash register to ask again. It took about 15 minutes to get my bill. Kind of irritating. 

All in all, the food and service was great. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meals and talked about going back. They had one of those 'I can't decide' menus because everything looked so good.  

Gotta love the Greek!  

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