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Comfort Food Love at Old Marina

Old Marina Restaurant & Gift Shop 
45 McClintock Drive 
Puslinch, Ontario 

Reservations? Not neccessary 
Dress Code? Very casual 
Chain? No, but there should be one on every lake! 
Price? $$ 

When a friend and I were going out for lunch, she rambled off a few suggestions. The name 'Old Marina' intrigued me, since I wasn't aware of any bodies of water(minus the Grand River) in the area. And there it was. Perched on the edge of Puslinch Lake(which I didn't know existed), a cottage-like building with the hospitality of a small town and the décor to match. We decided to sit on the patio. That's where I fell in love. We hadn't even met our server or looked at the menu yet. I didn't realize my deprivation of living in close proximity to a lake until then. It was beautiful.  

I'm not sure if that view made everything else better, but it didn't need the help. Our server was prompt and casual. The menu was agonizing! I wanted everything! In cases like these, I go for what the menu says they're famous for...a hamburger. It was HUGE. You could tell by the look and taste it was homemade. When they melted the cheese, they let it cook a little on the grill, giving it large, crunchy edges. MmmmmMy friend tried the pulled pork sandwich and said it was fantastic. It definitely smelled fantastic. Needless to say, there wasn't much talking over lunch! 

We left absolutely stuffed. I would absolutely go back. Great comfort food at great prices. You can't beat it.  

Take a drive in the country...you won't regret it! 

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