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So, I was in Welland, Ontario....

Greetings fellow foodies,

For work, I was sent to Welland for 3 days of super exciting training. My trainer, being a lover of food, knew all of the perfect places to eat. He warned us, as I am warning you, these restaurants are absolute holes in the wall, a dive, if you will. Don't let that scare you off. If you happen to be in Welland and need somewhere to eat at extremely affordable prices, these are the places to go!

Blue Star Restaurant
676 King Street
Welland, Ontario

This is a good, old fashioned diner. Booths with sparkly vinyl and all, the Blue Star offers comfort food at affordable prices. They have your usual all day breakfast and sandwiches, but their cabbage rolls and perogies are to die for! They even sell them in trays to take home! As we learned, you probably shouldn't load up on cabbage rolls and perogies when you have to go back to training. The food coma was worth it! The service was excellent and the food arrived quickly.

Blue Star Restaurant on Urbanspoon

For Pizza Sakes
233 Broadway Street
Welland, Ontario

My second stop was a small pub, but they didn't just serve your typical pub food. The attraction here is the sub sandwiches. They're HUGE! Definitely no skimping on toppings or meat here. I had to be the weird one and order quesadilla. It was also HUGE. It was the size of a medium pizza! Full of chicken and cheesy goodness, I could only manage to eat half of it. Not only is the food great, but the staff is fantastic. They treat everyone like they know them. I can see why they have so many regulars there! My only minor complaint is the size of the building, it's very small and there's not a lot of seating. So, don't be discouraged if you hit the rush! You gotta try this place!

For Pizza Sakes on Urbanspoon

Kingsway Bowling Centre
215 Riverside Drive
Welland, Ontario

I know what you're thinking...A Bowling Alley?? Yes, a bowling alley, but sadly, we didn't do any bowling. There is a small restaurant in there! This family owned business serves up the home cooked meals you wish you made that good. I'm a sucker for all day breakfast, so I ordered an omelette, the others ordered a salads and sandwiches. We all had expectations for what was coming, but we didn't expect such mammoth proportions. My omelette took the whole plate and was bursting with veggies, cheese and meat. The conservative salad someone ordered turned into a whole meal they were trying to share with everyone because there was no way to finish it. The homefries and french fries were also plentiful and delicious. We walked in skeptical and walked out stuffed and happy.


So, that was my food tour of Welland. Each of these entrees were around $10 each. It was nice to see that we could eat at a restaurant each day, have great food and not break the bank. Thanks to our foodie trainer, we never went hungry. He is a big supporter of local businesses and always recommends them to his students.

I'd never been to Welland before, but at least I know where to eat!


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