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Corrado's - Putting the Italian in Brooklin

Corrado's Restaurant & Bar 
38 Baldwin Street 
Brooklin, Ontario 

Chain or Independent? I wish it was a chain! 
Reservations: Not necessary 
Dress Code: The food you get on yourself does not count 
Price: $$ 

Whenever I visit my dad, he and his lovely lady, Sue, always make an amazing meal. Since I live a little far to return the favour, I took them out for dinner at the restaurant of their choice. They unanimously chose Corrado's. It's housed in a historical building located in the heart of downtown Brooklin. It is family friendly, but if you're looking for a more 'adult dining experience,' the second floor of this establishment might be what you're looking for....or you can just relax on the patio.  

The menu made me very frustrated. This is one of those places that you can't decide because everything looked SO good. Sue assured me, whatever I chose, I wouldn't be disappointed. I was torn, so I asked our gracious server what she thought. The Apollo was the final decision, rose sauce, chicken, roasted red peppers...what more could you want?! My dad and Sue had no problems with their selections, Primavera and Pescatora. I was in complete shock at how fast our food arrived. Less than 15 minutes! We had barely finished our warm, crusty rolls when our food came. 

My dad is Mr. Personality and seeing how staff handle his shenanigans is always good entertainment. All of the staff, from the host to our server to the bartender, were very friendly and knowledgeable. I was happy to see they would joke around with us, while remaining professional. I liked that the server didn't abandon us, but didn't bug us every 5 minutes either. 

I can't pass up dessert, no matter how grateful I am that I wore stretchy pants. When I saw crème brulee, I was sold. Sue and my father had the cheesecake. I'm rather particular about my crème brulee, as you've seen in previous blogs. I was not disappointed. The cheesecake was also excellent. It wasn't heavy. It was light and didn't make you FEEL like you overate(Even though you probably did. Heehee!). 

All in all, it was a good experience. To be honest, I didn't expect food to be THAT good with prices THAT reasonable. Fantastic!! I would absolutely go back. You get a great meal and great service without breaking the bank. 

I shall return, 

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