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Marcelo's - A Hidden Gem

Marcelo's 2435 North Eagle Street Cambridge, Ontario N3H4R7 519-650-4257

Indulge at Chatterpaul's

3500 Brock Street North
Whitby, Ontario

Reservations: Dining Room - Yes, Bar - No
Dress Code: No
Chain or Independent: Wish it was a chain!
Price: $$$$

An old favourite, a classic even. Chatterpaul's has been a special occasion venue for me. With the amazing food and service, it always has me coming back. I have never heard a negative comment about it, except the prices. However, I believe the prices are absolutely worth it. Fresh ingredients and perfect portions are what makes this place irresistible.

I have an addiction to the Stuffed Chicken Breast. I've had it almost every time. It's full of red peppers, asparagus and cheeses like asiago and jalapeno jack. Amazing. My cousin is addicted to the Chicken Parmesan. I've never seen her try anything else. A chicken breast smothered in five cheeses atop a pile of fresh(and I do mean fresh) pasta in a basil marinara sauce. Her and I eat dinner in silence bec…

So Many Beers, So Little Time

Beertown 561 Hespeler Road Cambridge, Ontario N1R6J4 519-629-0288

Cora Spells Fruit

561 Hespeler Road
Cambridge, Ontario
N1R 6J4

Dress Code: Never!
Reservations: Never!
Chain or Independent: Chain
Price: $

As you enter Cora's, your eyes are immediately drawn to the walls. Food art! It displays many of the dishes on their menu, but it made me wonder....when you order it, does it really look like that when you get it? The answer is YES! I was so happy to see that the pictures didn't lie! I almost didn't want to eat it; it was too pretty!

My man had Eggs Benedict. He was just expecting the eggs and homefries. He didn't know what to do with all fruit. He's a man, a meatatarian. I ate it. It wasn't easy though. My 1990's Harvest came with its own mound of fruit. It also includes a cinnamon raisin brioche dipped in French toast batter plus an egg and bacon. Even though half of each dish was fruit, it was still impossible for either of us to finish.

This is a comfortable, e…

Birthday at the Burbs - Closed

Burbs Bistro & Bar
1900 Dixie Road
Pickering, Ontario

Reservations: Sure
Dress Code: Everyone else was wearing close
Price: $$$
Chain: One and only

Burbs Bistro starts with a pleasing appearance, the d├ęcor is full of dark wood varnish and creamy ivory tones. I looked at the menu beforehand; I was excited and intrigued. After many positive recommendations, I chose this venue for my birthday dinner with my family. I ordered a fun, fruity martini...or so I thought. It was so strong, I had to steal some of my man's cola! My family encouraged me to gulp it back. Troublemakers.

The server was polite and quick with any of our requests. We ordered an amazing Pear and Caramelized Onion Bruschetta. We all loved it. Couldn't get enough! Best part for me was that my man loved it and had no idea what he was eating. I indulged in a Homemade Squash Ravioli. They were as big as the palm of my hand. Delicious! My very critical Italian grandmother was…