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Tick Tock Il Mulino's

Il Mulino's 
1060 Eglington Ave W 
Toronto, Ontario 

Reservations: Absolutely 
Dress Code: There isn't one, but I would dress nicely. It's a nice place! 
Price: $$$$
Chain: No 

I have a bit of a WagJag problem. When I see a deal on a restaurant in Toronto with a tantalizing menu, I'm compelled to buy it. That is what lead me here! It was a 4 course prix fixe meal and everything looked delicious! 

My man and I arrived a few minutes late, but the staff were not bothered. We were immediately seated and served drinks. We ordered each course from the menu and waited anxiously. We were starving!  

20 minutes later....Our first course was a mixed green salad with goat cheese and roasted red peppers. Were they picking the greens and harvesting peppers back there?? The peppers were just like the ones my grandmother makes! So, they earned some points back there. 45 minutes later...Next was a heavy 4 cheese gnocchi. The serving size was small, but no one could finish a full meal of them. What took so long? It was literally a handful each. They weren't as good as my grandmother's, but I let that slide. ;) 

Our main entrees arrived and we both had trouble diving in. We waited 30 minutes for it. After the heavy gnocchi and long wait, we were getting full. The steaks were cooked to perfection and the mushroom masala was excellent. Neither of us could finish. By the time dessert came, we were stuffed. I love tiramisu and apparently it was homemade. Meh. I've had a lot of 'homemade' restaurant tiramisu in my day and this one wasn't worth the calories. 

The food, minus tiramisu, was excellent. However, I couldn't get over the time between courses. I understand that they're not trying to stuff you and kick you out, but I don't feel I should wait more than 30 minutes between. I wouldn't go back.  I just don't have that kind of time. 

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