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Spring Rollin'

Spring Rolls
550 King Street North
Conestoga Mall
Waterloo, Ontario

Dress Code: You may not wear an actual spring roll
Reservations: Not necessary!
Chain: Yes....but it's new to me!
Price: $$

Spring Rolls is a 'Pan-Asian' restaurant. Past experiences tell me that 'Pan-Asian' means that they make all Asian foods (Chinese, Sushi, Japanese, Thai), but are not great at any of them. I'm not condemning restaurants for having a menu with variety to please all crowds, but I was skeptical.

Our group, about 30, was given only one server and she was excellent. They allowed us to chat and weren't rushing us to order or even leave afterwards. Spring Rolls offers an AYCE menu as well as their regular dishes. The rule is that everyone at a table must order AYCE, just one person cannot order it. The manager made an exception for the one person in our group that requested it...as long as they sat at the end of the table. They were on my good side already!

The food arrived in timely fashion and the portions were large. We all boggled at our meals. The presentation was fantastic. Some had a simple garnish, some were served in half a pineapple. I ordered Mu Shu Chicken an Shrimp. I had never had it before and had no idea what it was. The dish description sounded good enough....with the addition of thin pancakes. I had no idea what to do with them. To me, they were just filler, extra work to do before eating. There could've been more shrimp, but I definitely brought home the leftovers. The reviews from my friends were mostly positive. The thing that really got me, was that no one had anything good to say about the Sushi. As you may or may not have noticed, sushi is one of my favourite foods and to hear that it sucked....well....I was sad.

I tried their Chicken Pad Thai on another visit. It made me sadder. It was the first time Pad Thai tasted like vinegar.

I believe a restaurant should be excellent at a particular type of food, perfect it, and that is what a restaurant should be known for. I'm not a huge fan of restaurants that try to do too much. Do one thing and do it well.

Guess I'll have to get my sushi somewhere else.


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