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Mexican?? Si Senor!

La Tonalteca
245 South Dupont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 734-3444
Reservations: No
Dress Code: Sombreros not advised
Price: $-$$
Chain: Yes, but primarily in Delaware  

As a Canadian my knowledge of Mexican food was summed up between Taco Bell and whatever was in the freezer section of the grocery store. Let's face it. We are Latin culture deficient in Ontario. I am pretty sure the thought of Canadian winters scares them away. Needless to say my first experience of a more authentic Mexican food didn't come til I lived in Delaware. And the love affair began...

I have spent many nights at La Tonalteca. Between their great prices, killer menu and yummy margaritas.. it was a no brainer...a lot. So when we went up to visit we just had to make a stop. When you walk in - your eyes will be assaulted. Brightly coloured and accessorized.  I love their tables and chairs. We are seated promptly and start scouring over the menu - what can I order (out of the countless options) that will fill my La Tonalteca craving?  Chimichanga it is!

 I ordered from the lunch menu - which is awesome, cheap and quick! My hubby shows me up by ordering in Spanish (it is his first language but really do you need to rub it in my face? lol) and we were presented with a heaping container of homemade tortilla chips and homemade salsa. Now let's get this straight.. I don't like salsa.. I am not a fan of the chunks ( I am a texture person) and I kinda drives my husband crazy that I will take an emersion blender to a jar of salsa when I add it into a dip because chunks = gag me. But this salsa... omg...THE SALSA.. it is so good, so fresh, and so WET! (don't get kinky on me people). I love that it is wet because I dip the chips in and get all the juice on the chips and it has all the flavour and deliciousness of the salsa without the chunks! I would hump the salsa if I could...seriously - I know I have a problem.

Our food arrives quickly and it is inhaled - hence the blurry photo because my stomach waits for NO MAN!! or WOMAN!! to take a picture. I really loved everything about my meal - the meat (beef) in my chimichanga was moist and delicious - I have had the chicken too..also awwwwwwesssome.  I love their rice and beans, even the "salad" they put on the plate makes me a happy happy girl. Oh, and the cheese - I love their cheese. One time I actually asked them what cheese they used.  I was convinced that it was some fancy Mexican cheese...that I was going to have to find at a remote Mexican market...in the hills of some small remote Mexican village...having to barter two goats and the virginity of my unborn child for...ok too far? maybe, just maybe. It ended up being Land-O-Lakes white American cheese. My hubby, the servers, and I ended up laughing so hard one the waitresses almost peed herself..(thank god my future child's virginity is still in tact).

Anyways, to sum it all up - La Tonalteca is awesome. Even if you haven't tried it - the prices make it worth the attempt. You won't be disappointed. You will want more - you will need more - you will know about the cheese... oh the cheese.

P.S. - Just wait til the blog about the Mexican food in Florida...who knew the further south you go.. the better it gets...and oh.. it does get better...*drools*

Hasta Manana!!


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