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Spring Rollin'

Spring Rolls
550 King Street North
Conestoga Mall
Waterloo, Ontario

Dress Code: You may not wear an actual spring roll
Reservations: Not necessary!
Chain: Yes....but it's new to me!
Price: $$

Spring Rolls is a 'Pan-Asian' restaurant. Past experiences tell me that 'Pan-Asian' means that they make all Asian foods (Chinese, Sushi, Japanese, Thai), but are not great at any of them. I'm not condemning restaurants for having a menu with variety to please all crowds, but I was skeptical.

Our group, about 30, was given only one server and she was excellent. They allowed us to chat and weren't rushing us to order or even leave afterwards. Spring Rolls offers an AYCE menu as well as their regular dishes. The rule is that everyone at a table must order AYCE, just one person cannot order it. The manager made an exception for the one person in our group that requested long as they sat at the end of the table. They were on my good side a…

I Love Ice Cream

Caffe Demetre
75 Consumers Drive
Whitby, ON

Chain: Yes
Dress Code: Something you don’t mind getting sticky
Price: $$
Reservations: No

This is the restaurant for all occasions. When isn’t ice cream appropriate? Happy or sad, this place never disappoints. It is a little on the pricy side for ice cream, but the ice cream is made there and it comes with all the bells and whistles.

I’m a glutton for the crepes. A large serving of ice cream, draped in a freshly made crepe, covered in delectable toppings. How can you go wrong?? The dessert pictured is called A Life Sentence. Peanut butter ice cream underneath, bananas, brownies and chocolate syrup on top. Mmmmm. Just one of many choices on this giant menu. They also have sundaes, waffles, cake, milkshakes and hot dessert drinks as well.

My mom is a huge fan of the banana split and gets one every time. It’s not easy to get a review out of someone that doesn’t take breathes in between bites. Due to her silenc…

Sushi A La Carte? Don't Mind If I Do! - CLOSED

Ichiban Sushi House
1180 Simcoe St N
Oshawa, ON

This is my first a la carte sushi restaurant in a long, long time, I was worried. Would I be full? Would I enjoy it? Would I get everything I wanted and not spend a million dollars? This was a serious test for Ichiban. Upon scanning the menu, we started to realize how much we usually eat. If we were to buy each roll, we’d easily spend over $100. Ouch. We decided to go with our favorites. This was definitely the fanciest sushi restaurant I’ve been to. Well made, dark stained furniture and simple, classy decor. I can’t say I’m a sushi connoisseur, but I know what’s good!

My mother and I, who frequent AYCE sushi, were weary of leaving hungry by not breaking the bank. We started with gyoza and It was the best damn gyoza we’ve ever had. The dumplings were huge, crispy and jam packed. So far, so good. We decided on the Philadelphia roll and the Dynamite roll. The philly roll is pretty basic, cream cheese and salmon rolled i…

Mixology Moment

If anyone has noticed, I haven't been around a lot this summer.  I know, I know.. Mia fail, thank goodness I have the awesomeness that is my bestie Lisa to pick up my slack!  It has been a hectic summer. After of years of hassle in the North East ( I am talking about you Delaware) I finally have all my U.S. residency stuff done in Florida!! YAY I AM LEGAL!! It is an exciting (and stressful) time I tell you. So instead of writing blogs I have been interviewing with immigration, talking to social security and trying to finally find a job in the good ol' U.S. of A.  Which equals STRESS!! and lack of inspiration to blog about ( I am just not this witty on queue people!).

     That being said I am finding that I may be turning into a wee bit of an functioning alcoholic..ok I am kidding.. I don't drink that much, but some nights - a nice drink just eases those muscles.  And then it hits me - OMG I CAN BLOG ABOUT DRINKING!!

So here we go...

Welcome to Mixology Moment... I am…

Mexican?? Si Senor!

La Tonalteca
245 South Dupont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
(302) 734-3444

Reservations: No
Dress Code: Sombreros not advised
Price: $-$$
Chain: Yes, but primarily in Delaware  

As a Canadian my knowledge of Mexican food was summed up between Taco Bell and whatever was in the freezer section of the grocery store. Let's face it. We are Latin culture deficient in Ontario. I am pretty sure the thought of Canadian winters scares them away. Needless to say my first experience of a more authentic Mexican food didn't come til I lived in Delaware. And the love affair began...

I have spent many nights at La Tonalteca. Between their great prices, killer menu and yummy margaritas.. it was a no brainer...a lot. So when we went up to visit we just had to make a stop. When you walk in - your eyes will be assaulted. Brightly coloured and accessorized.  I love their tables and chairs. We are seated promptly and start scouring over the menu - what can I order …

Tick Tock Il Mulino's

Il Mulino's 1060 Eglington Ave W Toronto, Ontario M6C2C5 416-780-1173