Saturday, 21 July 2012

My Sushi Roots

Sushi Mountain
1540 Dundas Street East
Whitby, Ontario

Chain: No
Reservations: No, but arrive early
Dress Code: Something you don't mind getting soy sauce on
Cost: $$

This is the place that started it all. It's a small restaurant with huge flavour. D├ęcor is simple and sleek, the service is always great.

The menu is modest, compared to other sushi places I've been to, but it never disappoints. This AYCE restaurant is very consistent. They don't change their menu often, but when they do, it's always delicious.

I've been coming to this place a lot over the past few years and I never thought it would be difficult to review. This is the restaurant that started my sushi addiction. This is the restaurant I compare all other sushi to. I've been sitting on this review for a few weeks now...I mean, how do you review your benchmark?
I've had almost everything on the menu and there wasn't one item I didn't enjoy. Price is good, service is good. Uhhhh. Go early or you WILL have to wait. I wish I had more for you, but I'm finding it hard to objectively critique this place since it is my favourite!

Just go and love it.


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