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3 Queen St E 
Cambridge, Ontario 

Chain: Si
Reservations: Optional
Dress Code: Nope, but I liked feeling snazzy.
Price: $$

Living in a new town should not stop one from dining out! A few months ago, I joined a dining group for my eating and blogging pleasure. The group was very accepting of me photographing their dishes seconds before digging in. Due to the size of our group, Monty's prepared a 7 course meal. I don't know about the rest of my group, but this was my first taste of tapas! 

The first course consisted of fresh crusty bread accompanied by red and black olives, hummus and a balsamic vinegrette and oil mix. Can't go wrong with bread and anything really. 

Next up was a classic, Italian Wedding soup! What? It doesn't look like Italian Wedding soup? That's what I said! The only difference was that instead of a broth base, it was tomato based! An interesting twist, but I think I'll stick with my brothy soup! 

Ahh, the first round of tapas! Phyllo stuffed with ricotta cheese...shrimp wrapped in prosciutto...chicken and roasted red pepper wrapped in prosciutto. One word:  Savoury. The phyllo didn't really stand out, but the chicken was very flavourful. 

From there, a green salad was served topped with goat cheese, balsamic vinegrette, walnuts and stewed pears. A fantastic combination! This salad had a perfect blend of sweet, sour and savoury. 

It's flatbread time! A fan favourite because everyone knew what it was! The closest flatbread had roasted red peppers, goat cheese and portabello mushrooms. My fav! The further flatbread was more like pizza, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto and tomato sauce. 

More finger foods arrive. Sliders with caramelized onion on the freshest tiny bun in town. Potato wedges were nothing special. And finally, mushroom caps full of goat cheese. Do you see a goat cheese theme here? 

Dessert arrived and we all looked at each other with the same look of relief. Even though it all seemed like small portions, they were very filling! This was angel food cake topped with a delicious rhubarb sauce. 

All in all, I enjoyed my visit to Monty's and would go again. The service was excellent and food to match. I could have done with more variety with cheeses and veggies, but it's not often I would eat a 7 course meal! Looks like this is my benchmark for tapas. Time to find something to compare it to! :D 

For all of your finger food delights, check it out!  


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