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Amish Delight

Spence's Bazaar &  Flea Market
550 South New Street
Dover, Delaware 19904
Phone: 302-734-3441
Website:  Bazaar Info Link!

Reservations: Don't exist.
Dress Code: Cover the naughty bits.
Price: $

     Before I moved to Florida 8 months ago I lived in Dover, Delaware for 6 years.  Delawaaaare??? you may ask...exactly.  It is a little state attached to the eastern side of Maryland - between Pennsylvania and Virginia - in actuality if you blink you will miss it.  My hubby was stationed at Dover Air Force Base, so it was home for a while.

     While living there one of the few gems we found in Dover was Spence's Bazaar.  From the outside it looks a little run down ( I call it country chic) and if you pass it on a closed day you might wonder what the heck it is doing there.  But on an open day it is an instant traffic jam - the parking lot full, streets lined with cars, and people all over the place!  I spent many a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday walking through the grounds and…

Kelsey's - Chaintastic!

195 Consumers Drive
Whitby, Ontario, L1N 1C4
Phone: 905-665-0605

Reservations: Naw
Dress Code: Nudists may not apply.
Price: $$

New menu! Yay! Like most chains, the menu needs an overhaul ever so often. Luckily, Kelsey's woke up and smelled the stale by introducing some new dishes. We started with the new 7 Layer Dip. The description was so mouthwatering, how could we resist?! When it arrived, it was covered in lettuce. Strike one. No matter how much lettuce you put on something, that doesn't hide the truth! 7 layers Of what? The very thin bottom layer of amazing spinach dip was completed overpowered by chili beef. The other layers were diced tomatoes, some sour cream, cheese, onions....and lettuce. It had so much potential, but the baked pita chips made up for it.

There were so many new items on the menu I wanted to try, but due to my AYCE sushi earlier that day, I wanted to keep it light. I checked out the dreaded cardboard menu. A…