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One Month In!!

     Well everyone out there in internet-land..which I have renamed Bobenstien, or Georgetopia.  I know what you are thinking - so torn - both equally as awkward and random... Anyways, lets snap back to reality shall we? ONE MONTH IN!! How crazy! How cool! How..umm ok lets be honest it kinda feels the same as it did a month ago.. but it has been a month so lets celebrate!!! *insert random party here* 

     Although we are still on a bit of a learning curve, we hope we are getting better!  I have come to realize when it comes to blogging - I talk to much - but I probably talk to much in the real world as well and I am too old to try to change that now (or I have no friends and I really want to "talk" to someone - but lets go with the first option, lol).  In the coming weeks/months we are looking to expand our base a bit.  We will hopefully post some Vlogs, on personal recipes or ones we are eager to try.  Also, we will be releasing more non-review type blogs.  Some about our own foodie joys - others on things we have discovered.  Hopefully we can also sucker a few friends our ours to write a few "guest blogs" on foodie topics that they are really passionate about!  The adventure has started and we want to make it one hell of a ride!

     If there is something you would like us to try - a recipe, a topic to look into or a restaurant not to far away, we would love to hear from you.  Leave us a comment, message or email.  If you really like us (and come on why not?! look how cute and random we are?!) tweet about us, post us on facebook, pin us on pinterest - really social media the crap out of us - we would love it!  The dorkiness must multiply!

     Thanks again for stopping by - today's blog is about Poutine aka Canadian nectar of the gods, so check it out (well after I post it) and have an awesome week readers!
Happy Tuesday!


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