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Annnnnd We're Back...

     Ok, to be honest - I'm back..not that I told you all I was gone, or even leaving for that matter.  I hope all of you out there don't feel neglected...or abandoned...if so, feel free to send me your therapy bill - but it will most likely be paid in Monopoly money (do I look like I am making Paula Deen money over here?!?).
     In case you were wondering ( and why wouldn't you), I was in Delaware last week (Where? Exactly). It is where the hubby and I called home for many a year - before he was retired from the Air Force (man in uniform - HAWT!).  We went back to visit some surrogate family of ours as she graduated from Nursing College!  They are pretty awesome - you should be jealous.  I took the opportunity to indulge in the yumminess I had discovered over the years and even explored somewhere new - so stayed tuned for that!
     Til then, please forgive me - I will never leave you again..at least for a few months. =)

Happy Friday!!


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