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Mami Knows Best

Hola Everyone!

     Today I thought I would share a little of my cooking wisdom.  Well - truthfully - it originated with my mother-in-law.  She is a smart cookie! For years she had her own catering business, and to this day she guards the secret to her famous rum/almond cake.  So in honour of Mothers Day (belated) and her birthday (which was on the weekend ) I thought I would share some wisdom she has given me. 

     When I was sitting down to work on a future blog (about certain foods I had hated and now love) I kept thinking about how I now LOVE plaintains.  But, I couldn't work it into that blog - why? - because I had never known about plaintains til I got married.  Whenever I had seen them - which wasn't often (hellooo, Canada isn't really known for tropical fruits) - I always chalked them up to weird bananas and went on my way.  It wasn't until I married my Puerto Rican hubster that I was introduced to their deliciousness. So how can I say I ever hated them... when…

Caz's GREAT Fish!

Caz's Great Fish 10 Pinebush Road Cambridge, Ontario N1R 5S4 519-621-6081 

Annnnnd We're Back...

Ok, to be honest - I'm back..not that I told you all I was gone, or even leaving for that matter.  I hope all of you out there don't feel neglected...or abandoned...if so, feel free to send me your therapy bill - but it will most likely be paid in Monopoly money (do I look like I am making Paula Deen money over here?!?).
     In case you were wondering ( and why wouldn't you), I was in Delaware last week (Where? Exactly). It is where the hubby and I called home for many a year - before he was retired from the Air Force (man in uniform - HAWT!).  We went back to visit some surrogate family of ours as she graduated from Nursing College!  They are pretty awesome - you should be jealous.  I took the opportunity to indulge in the yumminess I had discovered over the years and even explored somewhere new - so stayed tuned for that!
     Til then, please forgive me - I will never leave you least for a few months. =)

Happy Friday!!


Poutine = NOM NOM NOM

Smoke's Poutinerie
578 Queen St W
Toronto, Ont

Chain: Yes
Reservations: Seat Save Doesn't Count
Dress Code: Noooooo
Price: $

       It was one of my best friend's birthday. So, Mel and I ventured to Toronto for shopping and food. You can't shop on an empty stomach! Blasphemy! We hopped on a street car in search of deliciousness. Our shopping destination was Dusk at Queen and Bathurst, so, we were looking for something in the area. It was the birthday girl's choice. After peering in a few places, she decided. It was a yummy looking sandwich shop. We ended up walking into a commercial! The store hadn't opened yet and they were filming! Oops!

       Hungry, but not out, we wondered back towards Dusk to see what was around. A few shops down from our favourite clothing stop, was Smoke's. It's a quaint stop with about 10 stools for your poutine-eating pleasure. The prices were very reasonable and they came in…

One Month In!!

Well everyone out there in internet-land..which I have renamed Bobenstien, or Georgetopia.  I know what you are thinking - so torn - both equally as awkward and random... Anyways, lets snap back to reality shall we? ONE MONTH IN!! How crazy! How cool! How..umm ok lets be honest it kinda feels the same as it did a month ago.. but it has been a month so lets celebrate!!! *insert random party here* 

     Although we are still on a bit of a learning curve, we hope we are getting better!  I have come to realize when it comes to blogging - I talk to much - but I probably talk to much in the real world as well and I am too old to try to change that now (or I have no friends and I really want to "talk" to someone - but lets go with the first option, lol).  In the coming weeks/months we are looking to expand our base a bit.  We will hopefully post some Vlogs, on personal recipes or ones we are eager to try.  Also, we will be releasing more non-review type blogs.  Some about our o…