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Breakdowns are fun!

Just so it’s a little easier for you out there to follow us, here is a basic break down on how we categorize and rate places/things/hairstyles...ok maybe not hairstyles.

Non Chain or Chain
Pretty self explanatory. We want you to know if there is more than one of them out there, or the little guy making a big impact!

Again, not rocket science, but this little bit of info may save on some insanity.

Dress Code
No one wants to be turned away from a place because you didn't know you couldn't wear shorts!

Everyone likes a little hint of how it will impact the wallet. Not everywhere will be an everyday place! And come on people - you work hard for your money! We are going to give it a range using the handy ol' dollar sign ($).

                                                                                  $ - under $10 per person 
                                                                                  $$ - between $10 - $20 per person
                                     Price Ratings                        $$$ - between $20 - $30 per person
                                                                                  $$$$ - between $30 - $40 per person
                                                                                  $$$$$ - $50 and above per person

DwF Ratings
What we think! And yes, we like to think that is important (lol). We are going on our little "fork" rating scale: 1 through 5, making one fork a "skip it", 2.5 a "so-so", and five a "must go!"

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