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Burrito Me!

Jimmy Guaco's Border Town Burritos 
36 Athol St. E. 
Oshawa ON, L1H1J7 
Reservations? It's fast food! 
Dress code: Keep your privates to yourself 
Chain or Independent? Up and coming chain 
Price range: $

The little burrito shop that could! Quaint and clean, Jimmy Guaco's has a welcoming, fun appearance.  The menu is large and cheerful...not to mention, the prices are fantastic! There are more fresh toppings and sauces that I could count. They have selections from the mild to the super spicy. The portions are HUGE.  A small burrito is enough for lunch. I don't think I could eat a large, it was almost the size of a footlong sub and stuffed full of serious burrito goodness. 


My mom and I dove into the chicken and shrimp burritos. We are not spicy gals, so we kept it mild and flavourful, straying from the guacamole and other spicy things that would make me sweat, my nose run and my face turn red. In an attempt at not looking like my dog died or that I had SARS, I mostly stuck with what I knew. I don't know what they did to that fried rice, but I wanted more...a lot more. After the rice base, in come the fresh veggies and this chipotle sauce that brought it all together. To finish it all off, they toast it and make the cheese perfectly melty. They offer your typical drinks....as well as smoothies! Sweet strawberry smoothies! 

I realize this is a fast food place, but the seating was minimal. For how busy this place is, they could use some extra seating. That is the only thing I'd change and I can't wait to go back and try another tasty creation. 

Until next burrito... 


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