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Greetings and Salutations

Hello, my name is Mia and I love food. This is my bestie, Lisa and she is just as in love with food as I. We have a problem.

Well...most wouldn't see it as a problem, but then I present this question to you all - have you ever been eating something so delicious you wonder if you can sneak off to "be alone" with it. We have.. and we aren't afraid to admit it! Ok, ask us to our faces and we might go all red and say oh look what's that, and run away. But as they say when life gives you lemons - make lemonade (mmm lemonade).

Many moons ago.. before marriage and careers, wrinkles and gray hair (ok we are not that old) we had the idea of doing a foodie blog. To talk about places we had tried, what was good - what was worth passing on - and just all sorts of info we had discovered about food, nutrition and enjoying life. In theory it was an awesome idea - but the reality of it all was we were two uber busy youngsters, and it got thrown to the back burner like many other ideas (still never formed that bobsledding team, darn).

As we've grown, and followed where life has lead us - we have gone from being a 5 minute walk away to 3 hour flight. But it doesn't stop us from wanting to try new things together..or picking something up from the back burner and giving it a go! So here we are..dorks with forks - take 2. We hope you can find something interesting on here - either a new place to try... a recipe to enjoy... some interesting info.. or just some inspiration to rekindle something in your life you have put off for too long.

It was once said by Hippocrates: Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food

So lets get this show on the road =)
P.S. - Although we try to do research and find reliable sources for anything we talk about. Lets make one thing clear: We are not professionals - just dorks with an opinion - hoping to make your brain think and your tummy's grumble. If there is something intriguing that you want to make part of your lifestyle we recommend speaking to a professional; like your doctor; before integrating it into your daily life. If Dr. Oz still recommends you speak to your own doctor before trying new things...it can't be a bad idea (and he knows Oprah!) Thanks and enjoy!

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