Breakfast @ Blue Rooster

Breakfast is my favourite meal. It was time to try a new place that was getting great reviews. Blue Rooster is in a small plaza south of the 401. Country themed, as expected, it was just starting to get busy when I arrived, as expected. I nabbed a table before my parents arrived and by the time they did, the place was full! As I watched the plates of food walk by, I could see the eyes of other customers growing wide. We were in store for some good portions!
The coffee arrived hot and fresh almost instantly after they sat down. I already had a cup in hand.Our server was great; the reviews did not lie. 
We ordered and the food came quickly. My mom got a Western Omelette, her hubby went with Blueberry Pancakes and I got a Meat Lovers Skillet. The pancakes were fluffy and full of blueberries. Good start! My mom's

New! Portly Piper Pub - Oshawa

A new location for the Portly Piper Pub is recently opened in Oshawa. Replacing the dated restaurant, Stav's, it will freshen up the corner of Wilson and Hwy 2. Offering lunch, dinner and breakfast, this gastropub will be a great option for the area. They even have craft beer!
Much like their Ajax location, it has a vast menu. This is one of the few restaurants that actually does everything well. Many new places try to do too much and it all ends up being mediocre. They use quality ingredients and the only complaint I have is that I ate too much. :P My father, grandmother and I went for supper the weekend before the grand opening. It's a big menu. One of those menus you need to make a choice and close it so you don't change your mind. My Nan went with the Mushroom Chicken Penne, my Dad had the Bowl of Seafood and I had the Nacho Burger with fries.  Tiger shrimp, lobster, PEI mussels and scallops served in a lightly spiced white wine tomato sauce. So savoury! My Nan was takin…

Sweet Sweet Brunch @ Pogue Mahone

Brunch is one of those meals that is underrated. It's really the best of both worlds. I was lucky enough to win brunch at Pogue Mahone on Instagram. So exciting! 
Pogue was very easy to find; very close to College Station. Sweet! Upon arriving, I saw their large patio and I could hear itcalling me back already! Warmly greeted, we were seated in comfy leather seats by their large windows. While looking at the menu, I couldn't help but dance. It's not just brunch, it's BEATS and BRUNCH! They have a DJ spinning tunes from the 90's and it was good. :D I cannot deny that my food choice was influenced by Instagram; those pancakes just look so damn good, I couldn't resist! The Stack'd Strawberry White Chocolate Pancakes($15) were my choice. My friend went with the Weekend Breakfast($11). I'm usually a beer kind of gal, but this was brunch, mimosas were in order! They offer mimosas($5) with orange juice or grapefruit juice. Delicious! 

Winter Brewfest is a Winner #FreeTheBeer

My first beer festival of the year went off without a hitch! The organizers of Winter Brewfest listened to all of the suggestions from last year and made the changes needed. Thank goodness!

Noted improvements were.....The RFID bracelets were awesome. You didn't have to carry anything except your cup. They made the cups a more reasonable size and plastic! YAY! They split up the giant keg so everyone wasn't bunched in the middle. Lines were WAY more organized.  Very few of those beers ran out on Friday night. There were also less booths there allowing for more room for people. There were lots of picnic tables AND giant Jenga. Wow!

Many of the usual suspects where there, such as Mill Street, Beau's, Brickworks, GLB and even a newcomer, Market. When I spoke to them, they said they had only been open 3 weeks! They are coming into the beer game with enthusiasm, that's for sure. Well done! Brickworks had their new Peach Cider and it was refreshing. A great summer drink! Tried…

Brew Time! Eats at Bandit Brewery

I do love me some beer, so it's about time I start visiting some breweries, no? My first stop was Bandit Brewery. I'd been here for an event before, but wanted to go back for some new brews and tasty food. Bandit has an amazing patio that I cannot wait to visit again this summer. Until then, the cozy indoors is all we needed. Low lighting with a variety of seating, made this the perfect venue for a group of friends to kick back.
Since my first visit they had produced some new being Stouty McStoutface. I heard about it on Instagram and had to try it, not because it was a stout, but because I had to order it with a straight face. :D! It was a great stout with rich coffee flavour and a dry finish. Nice!  At my first visit, I got to sample a few foods, but one I kept thinking about was their fries. The fries were addicting! Fresh cut topped with parm and herbs; so simple, so tasty. The serving size looked small until I realized I couldn't finish i…

Sustainable Dim Sum Anyone?

Toronto City Hall was the venue of Drink Inc's Sustainable Dim Sum event. I'd never been to an event there, but it's a great space; lots of room and great lighting. The general admission and medialines were not separate, which was a little unusual, but this was a first for this event, so no big deal. The line was very long as it was soon a full house! We were given stamp cards when we arrived to get one piece at each station. We were also given a large wine glass and earth friendly chopsticks. I didn't really use the chopsticks as I would have starved! We stopped at the Muskoka Brewery for a beverage before diving in. The chefs and staff were all ready with fresh food for the taking. It smelled so good!
We tried the offerings of almost every restaurant there. You received one piece from each place. I realize it doesn't sound like a lot, but we were stuffed! My favourites

A Little KFC at Kaboom

Can I say no to fried chicken? No, I simply can't. Off we go on another Korean fried chicken adventure, this time to Kaboom on Queen East. It's a small venue with high ceilings and big windows. Not a great location for big groups, but we did anyway....we may have taken over a little. (Apologies. :D)
We ordered almost everything on the menu. Let start with the obvious, fried chicken! The chicken was hot and fresh. The cook was trying their best to keep up with our group plus their regular customers that were streaming in. Batter was crisp, but the real flavour came from the sauce. At least the sauce explains where the name of the restaurant came from! A burst of the sweet chilli sauce sent me into a coughing fit. Oops! Didn't expect that kind of kick! A little embarrassing, but I pulled through. I'm not a spicy gal, so this is not unusual. :P
Our table ordered a bunch of side orders. The french fries that came with the chicken were not gre