Plant Based Restaurant Arrives in Brooklin

My cousin told meabout a plant based restaurant in Brooklin she wanted to check out. Plant based in Brooklin?? I was officially intrigued. If you don't know Brooklin, it's the northern part of Whitby that doesn't want to admit it's a part of Whitby. 
We headed up to see what Copper Branch is all about. Parked on the road and headed in. It has a nice big patio, but it was raining that day, soit was the day to be

No Hibernating for Beer Fests!

The winter is here and all I think about is hibernating. The beer community thinks not. Just when I thought there would be nothing to do, I was blessed with 2 events to keep the beer party alive.
Hoppy Holidays – Drink Inc. - December 5
Berkeley Church was full of winter beers and ugly sweaters. Like OMG. Glad there were delightful shades of beer to distract me from the awful Christmas attire. Luckily, there was an excuse for this as Drink Inc was running a contest. Beck Taxi was also there making sure everyone got home safe. They probably have the most energetic ambassadors I've seen all year!
Sobeys sponsored the food and snack stations. Each person was given a card to check off the snacks they've tried as well as a suggested pairing. Sweet! There were 4 stations and more food for sale, if you were especially hungry.